Does He like me? I need help!!!!

by: imhissalsa

there1s this guy i like and im pretty sure he likes me back.
im HIS salsa :D its just that hes one of my best friends..hes the only person who can brighten up my worst days. i dont want to lose him im pretty sure he likes me though

<3`s christian :)

NOTE!!! number 11 cont- and said no i cant sheel say no (and i shoulld mention im 1 of the only 2 girls in my gym class) and his friends like no she wouldnt then he stared at me and smiled at me all dodgeball

  1. 1

    he gave me the nickname salsa bc of my red hair and is always calling me it

  2. 2

    when he used to sit behind me he would play with my hair and fan me with his folder

  3. 3

    he is always looking at me and when i turn to look at him he says what u lookin at salsa, and laughs and gives me the cutest smile :D

  4. 4

    He is very competitive with me and whenever he beats me at a race or get something done before i do he says i won salsa!! and sticks his tongue out and smile :D

  5. 5

    he alwyas talks to me even when hes around one o=f his friends who my ex and hates my guts

  6. 6

    he will drop by my locker and will be like hows it going salsa? and give me a crooked smile

  7. 7

    wow.....ironic...he will call from his nearby seat in any of the 6(or7) out of 8 classes we have together he will whisper ..salsa ur such a loser im so much better and give me a crooked smile

  8. 8

    he likes to talk to me alone ;) and tease me kindly :)

  9. 9

    most important...the other day i was walking down the hallway and e tapped his friend on the shoulder and looked at me and stared at me as i walked down the hallway like he wanted to say something ..

  10. 10

    then in hr he started ealking up to me and then turned around sayign no i cant do it shell say no(I soo wouldnt!!)

  11. 11

    then in gym..he and his friend were walking...he kept looking at me and smiling then his friend patted him on the back and said go and he made eyecontct and started walking up..but then turned aorund

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