mwhahaaaaa random timee!!! XD

by: kawaii_ohimesama


  1. 1

    omg i have no school tomoroww (11-11-09) yaayyyyy

  2. 2

    andd im probly going tew mai friendiess house!! (i havnt been to her house since the begining of summer D:)

  3. 3

    but its wierd cuz then i have tew go bak tew skewll thursdai andd fridai..

  4. 4

    andd z0mg have yew heard a hofasho bai brokencydee.... its fvckin hilarois!!

  5. 5

    ICANNOT SPELL!!!!!! LYKE OMG WAT IZ MAI PROBLEMM xd whoops i had it on caps lockkkk!!!! CAPS LOCK!

  6. 6

    ooo.... maii...... GOD!!!!! i drawded hello kitty and it lookzz awsheeuuummmmmfull!!!!

  7. 7

    omg!! today (11-10-09) i falled on the bus and i elbowed some kid lmao and thee bus driver was lyke wtf is yewr problemm betch and me an mai friendie weree laughing soo hardd im likee rofl! :D

  8. 8

    omg m,aii conditionerr is really wierdd it lyke leavess thermal protection stuffies in yewrr hairr but when its dryy it realllyyy soft!!!

  9. 9

    omg!!!!!! yezterdaii.. i had twe go tew thizz assembleh thingiee and theyy played a bunch of musicalness and theyy played get ur bak off thee wall bai family force 5 lyke thee whole thing!! im lyke...

  10. 10

    and omg... ther wasss a hot guy in the presenttationn thinggiiee for lyke 1 minutee!! tehe...

  11. 11

    omh this is thee 11th question!!!! yay!!!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    all doneee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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