Me and My brother put a hole in our wall. Who's fault is it???{READ INTRO}

by: Essie_River | View Questions

ok so my bro.s always comin n2 mii room n messin w/ wen he came n2 mii room n hit me while i was makin anothr prt uf da story n ran in2 his room.i got up n pushd him bak.(we hava long narrow halway btween our rooms.ipushd him hard n i was about 2 go bak n2 mii room ntil he put me na headlock n was about 2 push me n2 da bathroom door hard.i put mii feet nfront uf me so i culd twist mi body 2 da side so i wuldnt hit da door n wen i did mii bro went bak n put a hole nda whos 2blame???

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