How well do u kno the opposite s**???

by: Lovey_Lexii

hey ppl wat up...well ne way ive seen lik alot of quizzes bout realations ships and other things realated to dat so im boerd and decided to make 1 of mi own....well we all kno we hav judged sum 1 evry now and then and only human to do so. well now its time to get ur oppions on wat the oposite s** thinks...ENJOY

  1. 1

    wat do u think a grl/boi look 4 in the opposite s** the most

  2. 2

    wat do u look 4 most in a guy/girl

  3. 3

    wat do u think is goin thro a guy or girls mind durring a date

  4. 4

    Yea im so srry bout the lack of answer choices or ? but all the 1 i had jus slipped mi mind so agian i say srry...

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