I had a dream and i want to know what it means!

by: BusinessCorgi

Ok first i was in Alaska (which i dont live in!) and i was ice fishing with my family, i went in and got some cocoa and there was a face in my drink and then i blinked and it went away! after that scream popped up from the movie and told me to twist and turn my arms and legs in weird positions, and in one position

  1. 1

    i told him i couldnt do it and he said what and i told him again and he said what and this happend serveral times...

  2. 2

    then he finally heard me and a arrow arrived in the hole we were fishing in and began spinning so fast that it looked slow

  3. 3

    after that scream rised up with a clean butter knife in one hand and a bloody sharp knife in the other asking me how i want to die

  4. 4

    just then my dad drove into scream and he lied dead on the ice and he came out normally like nothing happend

  5. 5

    after that i fished and got some catfish and went home and cooked it and ate it and then i woke up.

  6. 6

    can you tell me what this dream meant?

  7. 7

    have you encountered this in a dream or something like this in a dream before?

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