Once again another problem!

by: shortcut

I know this is stupid and petty but its been kinda nagging in the back of my mind. Theres this dude and his name is Aaron, now in 7th my friend anna had a huge crush on him. So she told me to text him saying that one of my friends likes you. And straight away he guessed her. Of course I said no. Now I just graduated from 8th grade and things have gotten kinda strange. Also he acts like a girl but hes not gay cuz hes had too many gfs.

  1. 1

    Over the summer ive ran into him from time time and each time he hugs me. At first I didnt mind cuz hey i didnt like him. But then I thought of a few options...

  2. 2

    Should I tell my friend

  3. 3

    Just to let you know I usually do not have problems like this so im not KRAZY!

  4. 4

    I DO NOT LIKE HIM! I have no further questions :)

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