This or That?

by: LoveIsAllWeNeed

Alright, there's a question, and then two answer choices. Pick the one that you'd go for. I just want to see what's more popular or whatever. Lol. Remember, most of us make quizzes on Quibblo because we're bored or want to get results on random things. Or... because we actually like making quizzes. (not too probable.)

  1. 1

    which would you rather have: cell phone or mp3?

  2. 2

    something you have to have: jewelry or make up?

  3. 3

    skinny jeans or comfy sweat pants?

  4. 4

    to go to bed with: stuffed animal or pillow?

  5. 5

    to date: boyfriend or girlfriend?

  6. 6

    SNACK FOOD!!! ice cream or cookie?

  7. 7

    disneyland or universal studios?

  8. 8

    when you're older, do you want to have: kids or just animals?

  9. 9

    who would you choose: best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?

  10. 10

    which is better: sister or brother?

  11. 11

    summer or winter?

  12. 12

    longer holiday breaks during the school year or longer summer vacation?

  13. 13

    would you either do the: reading or writing?

  14. 14

    for your birthday gift: car or laptop?

  15. 15

    which would you rather be: musician or actor?

  16. 16

    what would you rather do: bungee jump or sky dive?

  17. 17

    would you rather: give the first kiss or receive the first kiss

  18. 18

    valentine's day or halloween?

  19. 19

    most likely pet: dog or cat?

  20. 20

    after a workout: water or powerade/energy drink

  21. 21

    either: not live with your parents and pay your own bills OR live with parents and not pay bills

  22. 22

    something bad happens before the dance, would you choose: bad acne or extra flabbiness (lol! flabbiness..)

  23. 23

    either: have bad teeth or get those nasty braces

  24. 24

    would you rather: floss or brush your teeth?

  25. 25

    gum with make out session or no?

  26. 26

    would you rather: date someone for a long time because they like you for who you are OR date someone for a few days/weeks to get your popularity up

  27. 27

    woud you rather: be dumped or do the dumping?

  28. 28

    chocolate or candy?

  29. 29

    either have: special powers or be a super genius

  30. 30

    hugs or kisses?

  31. 31

    fire or water?

  32. 32

    (for all you Twilight fans out there.... xP) edward or jacob?

  33. 33

    would you rather: fall for the good guy or bad guy?

  34. 34

    horror fims or comedy?

  35. 35

    on your first date at a restaurant: by something healthy OR buy something greasy that you love

  36. 36

    who pays the bill: the boyfriend or girlfriend?

  37. 37

    which parent do you turn to the most: mom or dad?

  38. 38

    which would you most likely do out of these options: drink or do drugs?

  39. 39

    would you rather: die for a loved one or have someone die for you?

  40. 40

    thanks for taking this quiz. (it's 3am when i made this) will you: rate or comment? (yes, please do at least one. it takes two seconds to rate, a minute to comment. please be kind to me.)

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