She's Bringin Nerdy Back

She's Bringin Nerdy Back

by: noIdonthaveaname

Ello! I'm Ty (ToMakeThemBelive) and i totally hacked Aubrey! Here's her new theme song though!

(Rhythm of "Sexy Back")

She's bringin nerdy back (Yep!)
Them other nerds don't know how to act
When they see her they'll have a heart attack
Cuz she knocks em dead when she looks just like that (Yep!)

She's bringin nerdy back (Yep!)
You know you want her cuz you talkin bad
When she walks all them nerds go freakin mad
She is the nerd you always wish you had! (Yep!)

~Love, TyTy

  1. 1

    What did you think of my song? Hummmm?

  2. 2

    I loves you Aubs!! Big sissy forever and ever!!! You mess with her you better expect a call from me! I WILL find out! She's the best damn thing you will ever see! Never let her go!

  3. 3

    [[LIVE HER! LOVE HER! BREATHE HER!!]] Love's you Aubs!!

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