My New Flirt Survey

by: lbSk

I hope you enjoyed this Survey!

  1. 1

    Are you Comfortable Approaching a crush at a social gathering?

  2. 2

    If you see someone you're attracted to, do you:

  3. 3

    On the rare occasion when you get rejected, you:

  4. 4

    How often are you successful in your flirting endeavors?

  5. 5

    Pick up lines are lame, but if i used one, it would be:

  6. 6

    Your crush says hi and smiles as they walk by, so you:

  7. 7

    In what type of enviroment are you at the top of your game?

  8. 8

    If i were to rate myself as a flirt, i would say:

  9. 9

    Is this a male or female?

  10. 10

    Did you like taking this quiz?

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