(for girls to take only) What would you do if i......

by: barlema10

Score 100 on this test, you are my one true love...

  1. 1

    Hugged you

  2. 2

    Asked you to dance at a party

  3. 3

    Flirted with you

  4. 4

    I dated your sister

  5. 5

    We were stuck somewhere together alone

    Please select all that apply.

  6. 6

    Asked you on a date

  7. 7

    Asked you if you wanted to have SEX

  8. 8

    Was working with you

  9. 9

    Asked you to come over my house or i wanted to go over your house

  10. 10

    If we were dating and we broke up would you go back out with me

  11. 11

    Will you leave comments about this for me??????

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