The accident...

The accident...

by: xXSarah_the_SensitiveXx

April 18th 2009

A christian man in his 60s was on his motorcycle. He was driving down a road, when A christian boy in his 20s is driving down the same road, the opposite direction, going home, and the next thing you know BAM they collided. The boy in the van had no damage to himself when the motorcycle rammed head-on into the front of the van. Right when the motorcycle collided with the van the man in his 60s immediately died. The boy was devastated.

  1. 1

    My cousin ,Kevin, was the 20 year old who was driving Van...he's still alive but he's depressed now...

  2. 2

    The guy on the motorcycle was a friend of my moms

  3. 3

    So two christians got out perfectly fine but emotionly damaged but the other died of a car accident...

  4. 4

    Message me if you want to talk to me..

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