Deleting account

Deleting account

by: goodbye_1

Im deleting my account. Im not sure if ill be making another account anytime soon. but it doesnt matter. Im just a worthless waste of time and apparently a player, im hated..right bridgette? And i gues im a d(ic)k
And a heartless uncaring jacka(s)s. hmm. is that how they describe me. i guess thats just about right. Sound like theres enough reasons for me to leave. And if u plan on sending me messages trying 2 prove me wrong or stop me. ill just block u, or not respond, or delete account quicker

  1. 1

    Must i go? (no point on answering, already made up my mind, its just a stupid quibblo account)

  2. 2

    Will you miss me (i wont care anyway)

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