love is crap!!!agree or die XDDD

love is crap!!!agree or die XDDD

by: OffWhereTeddyBearsSing

forget all the things ive said in the past, leave it all behind.cry when your alone and hide your feeling with me.make me love you, feel like every day with you is a new gift.then a while down the road open up show me the real you.slap my feelings.just become another heart ache that i will never forget.and i will live each day looking back on the past i had with you.and know i will always love you still.look back on me and see what you've done
~bridgette marie andrews~

  1. 1

    bridgette made this and i found it in her personal jornal

    Please select all that apply.

  2. 2

    do u like like bridgette (random,ahahah)

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