Measure Your Fears


I am gonna list a thing for ya and then you'll answer in your own opinion if You Did it already, You Would do it, or You Would Not do it.
~Only Options~ :
You did
You would
You would not. Please, be honest! Jeezus, no need to act tough? .. haha, I know a lot of people that would.... xD..

  1. 1

    Pet a snake:

  2. 2

    Spend a week in an empty room (yes, you'd be able to use the bathroom o_O):

  3. 3

    Ride in a hot - air balloon:

  4. 4

    Kill an animal (fish, birds, and insects do not count!):

  5. 5

    Sky dive:

  6. 6

    Sing in front of a huge audience:

  7. 7

    Scuba dive:

  8. 8

    Sit in the front seat of a roller coaster:

  9. 9

    Deliver a baby:

  10. 10

    Swim across the Amazon River:

  11. 11

    Change careers:

  12. 12

    Disappear for a long period of time:

  13. 13

    Walk through a long, dark trail in a forest alone at night:

  14. 14

    Walk naked through New York City for 10 minutes during rush hour:

  15. 15

    Walk up to Mike Tyson and call him a girl:

  16. 16

    Disarm a bomb:

  17. 17

    Clean the outside windows of a skyscraper:

  18. 18

    Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker:

  19. 19

    Go on tour with Elvis Presley (if he was still alive):

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