does he like me or does he just flirt

by: boyslikegirlz

ok so there is this guy named jack and my friend is related to him.. she says that he flirts ALOT yeah very true.i have a boyfriend but i like jack more were pretty close.. he has told my friend that im hot.. hell he even told me that i should be a model cuz i was really skinny and he tells me that i have abs.. i really do like his which is really bad cuz i do have a boyfriend.. on the way back from a soccer camp we flirted alot.. but the thing is he flirts alot so he cant stay in a relationship

  1. 1

    he told my friend how hot i was

  2. 2

    one day he randomly came up to me and goes.. you should be a model like ur so skinny...

  3. 3

    i was playing volleyball with my friend and he was staring at me and smiling

  4. 4

    do you think it is ok for me to like him even though i have a boyfriend

  5. 5

    he does flirt alot with me and i cant help but flirt back.. please comment and help me

  6. 6

    do you honestly think he likes me

  7. 7

    okay so if you picked yes to question 6 then should i date him

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