drama/sluttie/blood-bath/sexxie eventz!......[girls only plz! ill love u haha! j/k]

by: EmzyLuffzUPandaNinjasRawr | View Questions

wen u snuck out u wnted 2 find out wat waz really going on so u had a detective folow ur friendz bf and he had shots of dai and him going n2 dinners and her apartment 2gether but u didnt wanna tell ur friend yet or did u? No!! u couldnt it would crush her!! u thought 2 urself well u wont tell her until u kno 4 sure its definitely true u were so confused wen u went home there waz mail nside the slit of ur door........it waz a tan huge envelope wen u opened it u dropped it n horror.... TBC

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