Do U Like This Poem? (Its Twilight) part 1

Do U Like This Poem? (Its Twilight) part 1

by: xXxMariaMoonlightxXx

Stephenie Meyer has really brought joy in my life,
Now i dont have to end up like those who cut themselves with a knive.
Edward can bite me anyday,
Or Jacob can imprint and make me stay.
As long as the Volturi dont kill me first,
I can live and hunt for my thirst.
Alice can take me shopping,
While Jasper sends my emotions hopping.
Edward can try to read my mind,
While Bella can kiss my behind.
Rosalie may be a witch,
But Emmett dosent have that strong of a pitch.

  1. 1

    do u like it so far?

  2. 2

    do u want me to make part 2 to hear the rest?

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