need 30 ppl to do this please!!!(or more)....."The internet" survey (for a school project)

by: powerone1

This is a quick survey on the internet and how people use it in their daily lives. It is for a school research project that i am doing, and i need at least 30 people to do it please.

  1. 1

    How much do you think you rely on the internet?

  2. 2

    Do you think the internet has a positive effect on the way you live, or on society as a whole?

    Please select all that apply.

  3. 3

    Are there any ways in which you thin the internet has a negative effect on your life? select from the list.

  4. 4

    If you had one oppertunity to add or takeaway something from the internet, which would you choose?

  5. 5

    Do you think the internet would be a better or worse place without the internet?

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