hOw HoT iS uR nAmE?

by: XoxDelicousxoX

A=25 B=10 C=8 D=30 E=14 F=42 G=50 H=12 I=16 J=32 K=5 L=15 M=36 N=18
O=29 P=28 R=47 S=23 T=15 U=36 V=46 W=13 X=30 Y=14 Z=19
what you have to do is spell your name out and each letter has a number so add up all the numbers and that tells you how hot your name is example:Amy=25+36+14=75
and if u like this quiz then make sure to check out more of my quizzes^^

  1. 1

    how hot is your name?

  2. 2

    if your name is hotter than 1000 you Rock so do u like this quiz?

  3. 3

    are ya goin to comment this quiz

  4. 4

    by the way do you like music?

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