Does he like me???

by: GoldFish12

Well im confused. Were good frineds and i like him but im not sure if he feels the same way. We both have bad times with girls (him) and guys (me) and we both understand eachother when we talk about it. WE HAVE TH SAME PROBLEMS!!! we bothlike the same music and have the same interests/opinons... help?
fingers crossed!!!

  1. 1

    He feels really comphortable about telling me so many personal things

  2. 2

    when i told him about me needing help on a person being a b*tch to me, he was talking to her on chat and he was about to yell at her and defend me before i told it was alright.

  3. 3

    we email ALOT

  4. 4

    when we talk he always knows what im gonna say and were always laughing about something atlest once

  5. 5

    when were on chat we always take a log time to say good bye. (5 0r 6 lines of saying bye and goodnight...)

  6. 6

    he always helps when i need it

  7. 7

    sometimes we both are caugh looking at each other. then quickly look away

  8. 8

    (this ones about how much i like him) when im thinking about or talking o him i get excited and start sighing and smiling and when im talking to him i cant stop taking and feel awkward and get excited

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