Would You Rather...

by: Xx_Silly_Gooses_xX

Well, I'm bored right now so give me a break :) I'm thinking about making another series if you liked the last one..Anyways, have fun with this random and stupid quiz XD Start each question with Would You Rather, or I might slap you :) P.S. If you haven't found out by now..I'm stupid X] yayyy

  1. 1

    Be a Girl or Boy (This is the hardest questionnn)

  2. 2

    Be Deaf or Blind

  3. 3

    Meet Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers..(The Horrrrorrrr)

  4. 4

    Walk on Water or Swim on Land..(Hehe)

  5. 5

    Have Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend break up with you or you break up with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend..

  6. 6

    Send me a Friend Request or Comment (Lolll XD)

  7. 7

    Live in Darkness or Live in Brightness..

  8. 8

    Slap me or Slap yourself (I know you want to slap yourself..Don't lie :))

  9. 9

    Watch MTV or VH1

  10. 10

    Have me annoy you or you annoy me (:O)

  11. 11

    I think I'm done..

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Ok I'm finished :)

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