Troops (poem)

by: xXSarah_the_SensitiveXx

Sometimes we forget about our troops at war
And some peoples hearts have been torn
I feel ashamed, I feel left out
What is this feeling all about
But i'm proud
And I say aloud
It was their choice to choose
They will not loose
And off they go
Without a show
They must now learn
They might not return
Some will come back
From mighty combat
And so they wail
We prevailed
But some will not show
And their family filled with misery and woe
But with pride
They kno they died...

  1. 1

    (ok i can continue from the poem) The man died for honor and freedom, So that soidier is rewarded to live in a kingdom.

  2. 2

    Which was your favorite verse in the poem?

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