Why Now?

Why Now?

by: Sahsage

i nvr rlly new wat luv wz nd i nvr felt it bfor either until my frst day of Ea Elem.my new friend Racheal wz showing me arnd the skool nd she asked me if i wntd to see her bf..i wz lk sure wateves she pointed across the crt nd i saw 2 guys wlkng twrd us i askd her if he wz the 1tht hd glasses she said no nd pntd to the othr 1by tht tme they wer alrdy nxt to us i trnd to the othr to see gorgeous blu eyes strng at mei smld nd he smld back i swr it wz lv at frst sght cntinus at q 1 and then q2

  1. 1

    Racheal nd Skylar brk up nd i spnt the whle 5th grd tryng to gt thm bck tghtr bt it ddnt wrk so i tld hr hw i flt nd she ddnt cre so fr 5 yrs id bn crshng n hm bt it trnd nto luv thn i fnd out i wz ?2

  2. 2

    i wz mving.. i crd vry nght bcause i knw i wz probly nvr gng to c hm agn..i wrte hm a lttr wth my felngs nd he sd he flt de sme way tht jst mde me cry mre bcause it wz true love nd i wz lving it beind

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