Harry Potter vs. Twilight Ultimate Showdown!

by: hermionerocks18

OK, sorry if I didn't include a bunch of characters, but I've only read the first Twilight book. All you gotta do is pick which one you like the most...

Also, no getting into arguments in the comments: that includes saying I suck, making fun of one book or the other, and saying TWILIGHT RULE. HP SUCKS or vice versa... Enjoy.


  1. 1

    Edward Cullen vs. Harry Potter

  2. 2

    Hermione Granger vs. Bella Swan

  3. 3

    Jacob Black vs. Ron Weasley

  4. 4

    Carlisle Cullen vs. Remus Lupin

  5. 5

    Nymphadora Tonks vs. Esme Cullen

  6. 6

    Ginny Weasley vs. Rosalie Hale

  7. 7

    Alice Cullen vs. Luna Lovegood

  8. 8

    Viktor Krum vs. Emmett Cullen

  9. 9

    Jasper Hale vs. Fred/George Weasley

  10. 10

    Cho Chang vs. Jessica (I forgot her last name)

  11. 11

    Mike Newman vs. Neville Longbottom

  12. 12

    Voldemort vs. James

  13. 13

    Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Victoria

  14. 14

    Vampire vs. Death Eater

  15. 15

    Animagus vs. Werewolf

  16. 16

    Charlie Swan vs. James Potter

  17. 17

    Severus Snape vs. Laurent

  18. 18

    Renee vs. Lily Potter

  19. 19

    Teddy Lupin vs. Renesmee

  20. 20

    The Cullens' House vs. The Burrow (Weasley's house)

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