Have you ever . . . #3

by: True_Glambert


  1. 1

    talked to someone over msn for 4 hours straight?

  2. 2

    talked to ur sister/brother bf/gf over the phone or msn for more than an hour?

  3. 3

    snuck into the movies w/o paying?

  4. 4

    walked around with your fly down all day?

  5. 5

    slapped someone as hard as u can?

  6. 6

    thought every single guy in the world is a total a$$hole? (sorry boys)

  7. 7

    even if ur a girl, thought...girls are so stupid!

  8. 8

    gone to a tokio hotel concert or fan party?

  9. 9

    eaten too many donuts and thrown up?

  10. 10

    wished you were a vampire?

  11. 11

    fantasized about a hot celeb? i swear i wont tell . . . (a.k.a. Bill Kaulitz...=P)

  12. 12

    ok im done again, i keep thinking of great questions then totally blanking when i make the quiz.

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