This Or That Tokio Hotel Style

This Or That Tokio Hotel Style

by: Tokio_Hotel345

Tokio Hotel is my favorite band so i thought why not make a quiz about it...

  1. 1

    Tokio Hotel Or Devilish

  2. 2

    Bill Or Tom

  3. 3

    Rescue me or Rette Mich

  4. 4

    German or English

  5. 5

    Young Or Old

  6. 6

    Georg or Gustav

  7. 7

    Monsoon or Ready, set, go

  8. 8

    Schrei or zimmer 483 or Scream

  9. 9

    Gustav Schäfer or Georg Listing

  10. 10

    Tom and bill Change Personalities or Bill dresses like Tom

  11. 11

    Do You Like This or Does It Suck

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