by: MandMs

THE WEIRD WORLD OF WEIRDNESS!!! if you took my WEIRD name quiz, take this 1!!!!!! Check back l8ter 4 #2!!! Ok, you just arrived on Strangeomainia, the WEIRDEST TOWN IN THE GALAXEY!! (But you don't that.) You don't know why, but everyone is acting weird. They have wierd names, customs, and a CRAZY language!

  1. 1

    You just arrived on Strangomaina, and a person comes and says, "Omma Jepaga tyad wedvelm!" You say,

  2. 2

    After you get away from the CRAZY dude, you go to your house. Everything's upside-down!!!

  3. 3

    You go to a downtown cafe`, and order-

  4. 4

    Your (Add gross food that you 'ordered' here) tastes-

  5. 5

    You wanna try to make friends, so, PICK A NAME!!!!!

  6. 6

    So, you go to (insert question 5 answer here) 's house, and they SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE AND THE NATIVE LAGNUAGE,TOO!!!

  7. 7

    You and Sparkle/Armand/Repraise/Apple become friends. Turns out, she likes Gloop Soup, 2!

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