Would you rather Jonas Brother Style #2

by: JonasBrothersdork

Since you loved the first one Soo Much and i thank you for that i made another one Enjoy!

  1. 1

    Would you rather Make out with Joe Or Kiss Nicks Cheek?

  2. 2

    Hold Hands with kevin Or Hold hands with joe?

  3. 3

    Lay on the bed with Joe or Sit on the bed with nick?

  4. 4

    Kiss Kevin on the lips Or on the cheek?

  5. 5

    Go to Joes house for Dinner and a movie or Kevins Hotel room For a Little Loving?

  6. 6

    Kiss joe Or make out with joe?

  7. 7

    Wear Joes pants Wear kevins socks wear nicks Hair xD

  8. 8

    Do Joes Hair or do nicks hair ? (as in Style it lol straighten curl Etc )

  9. 9

    Jump Off a cliff to save Kevin Jump off a cliff to save nick jump off a cliff to save joe?

  10. 10

    marry Joe or Nick?

  11. 11

    marry kevin or Nick

  12. 12

    Marry kevin or joe?

  13. 13

    Make another one or dont make another one?

  14. 14

    bonus Question! Would you rather Go on stage with them and sing your heart out or Watch them in the audience?

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