the Alphabet is dead just look and see

by: bkShadowKi

another random quiz please take and comment

  1. 1

    your mom faints and gets sent to the hospital only to find shes waiting for a baby cow

  2. 2

    your eating cerial when you fall asleep you dream about...

  3. 3

    your at taco bell when you see your Ex with a Clown,literally... you

  4. 4

    your reading a comic about opras future death your then thinking about

  5. 5

    your on top of statue of liberty when your nephew falls of it and dies you

  6. 6

    your minding your own business when you see a power ranger getting beat up by 5goths and a girly girl you

  7. 7

    you are driving when you run over 2 orphans you

  8. 8

    last- your at the zoo when the owner brings in teh Demolition team and starts tearing it to shreads you

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