Would you rather 3 (dating version)

by: Becky_Mae

im not sure if i can make a 4th one :[
i run out of qestions. so enjoy

  1. 1

    would you rather go shopping with your date or grage salling

  2. 2

    would you rather take a walk together or watch tv together?

  3. 3

    would u rather have acne on your date or clear skin?

  4. 4

    would you rather wear flip flops or no shoez @ all

  5. 5

    would you rather go 2 his house to watch a movie or your house?

  6. 6

    would u rather wear a pink or blue dress?

  7. 7

    would u rather be stuck on a island w/ ur date or be stuck on a mountain with ur date?

  8. 8

    would u rather dump ur bf or have him dump you

  9. 9

    would you rather have ur 1st kiss in front of ur parents or ex!!!!

  10. 10

    would you rather me make another one or not???

  11. 11

    would u rather eat chocalate cake or ice cream with ur date?

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