Jim the pizza guy #3

by: KingFang

Hey everyone!. Please take the first and second quizzes its very crucial that you know whats happening.

  1. 1

    Did did you take the 1st and 2nd quizzes?

  2. 2

    An ambulence arrived 2 hours ago and your getting took to the nearest hospital. The doctors tell you to remain calm and relax.

  3. 3

    Your going to be in the hospital for 5 years so lets just skip to the future.Oh btw jim cam into your hospital room and spit in your face. You gonna let that slip?

  4. 4

    You popped jim in the forehead sweet.

  5. 5

    Ok your out of the hospital. You got to the hotel that your family booked for you.(remember jim blew your house up)

  6. 6

    The recorder says: Ok dude ok so to call the cable company its 555-7283 right?yep. *you here beeping*Hello? . Yes i want the big pack . 78.50 for the first month bob.

  7. 7

    You noticed another recorder . It says:Ok i hope you didnt listen to the last one. my HQ is at the adress 11111 ok and um go there *rambling* WOULD YOU SHUTUP BOB . Yep ima kill you.

  8. 8

    You get there at 8:00 at night.You knock on the door but run away and forget to bring guns!

  9. 9

    Jim opens the door. HEY BOB (he or she) IS HERE!!!

  10. 10

    oww what the hell i invited you for pizza!

  11. 11

    Here you go! Hey thats 48.50.

  12. 12

    No its free have fun.

  13. 13

    Fine. I'll take the pizza back.

  14. 14

    Bob take a bite so this fool doesnt think its poision. Bob takes a bite and dies instantly.Umm it wasnt poision he uh choked.

  15. 15

    I just lost 3 teeth no more please i surrender!

  16. 16

    jJim picks a gun up and aims it at your face. But you already have a gun up to his head.

  17. 17

    Comment rate ask for more if you wish. ima make more any way so yeah.

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