a poem

by: Xx_queen_of_the_dorks_xX

read the poem in the questions and tell me what you think

  1. 1

    i walk through time as a ghost, because of the battle that started on that one dark day, although i remain here as a solid form, its on the inside that i wither away

  2. 2

    i put on a brave smile for the world, baring its problems on my shoulders, or at least that's how it seems, cause the weight of my heart feels like a thousand boulders

  3. 3

    hoping something or someone can help, i scream to the heavens the moon and the stars, and the battle goes on to this very day, while we continue live with the pain and the scars

  4. 4

    is it the lives lost that makes you feel this way, or knowing you couldn't have done anything to change what happened, even though you try and try, it seems like there is no end

  5. 5

    its like an everlasting night, or a nightmare you don't wake up from, walking through the ruins of the past, knowing the worst yet to come

  6. 6

    what did you think

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