The Would u Rather 110 Question Survey (Long and Kinda Sick)

by: suicidal_sara420

This is a 110 Question survey that I made up.
Some questions are simple,some are sick,and some are just twisted.
But don't take them seriously its all for good fun!!!!!!

Please leave a comment and tell me why you picked some of the things you did!!

  1. 1

    Would u rather have a permanent smile or non-stopping tears?

  2. 2

    Would u rather have a gorgeous face and a not-so-hot body or a hot body and a not-so-gorgeous face?

  3. 3

    Would u rather know WHEN your going to die or HOW your going to die?

  4. 4

    Would u rather be loved by Satan or hated by God?

  5. 5

    Would u rather be buried alive or burned alive?

  6. 6

    Would u rather be put in the sewer or a pit of decaying bodies?

  7. 7

    Would u rather be in a falling elevator or a breaking bridge?

  8. 8

    Waking up covered in thick sperm or waking up being covered in chucky vomit?

  9. 9

    Would u rather have the sun shine forever or have it rain forever?

  10. 10

    Would u rather the world ran out of food or water?

  11. 11

    Would u rather be home arrested for 6 months or be in prison for 6 months?

  12. 12

    Would u rather be made out of plastic or glass?

  13. 13

    Would u rather not be able to walk or not being able to see?

  14. 14

    Would u rather have no one show up for your wedding or your funeral?

  15. 15

    Would u rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?

  16. 16

    Would u rather live to be 90 but have a boring life or live to be 35 and have a great life?

  17. 17

    Would u rather see the same movie over & over again or hear the same song over & over again?

  18. 18

    Would u rather get chased by Michael Myers (Halloween) or Leatherface (Chainsaw Massacre)

  19. 19

    Would u rather be the Queen Of England or U.S President?

  20. 20

    Would u rather eat beef jerky for the rest of your life or eating potatoe chips for the rest of your life?

  21. 21

    Would u rather have an angel that everyone could see put u in harms way or have a demon that no one could see protect u from bad things?

  22. 22

    Would u rather be able to fortell the future or have all the money u will ever need?

  23. 23

    Would u rather bring world peace or elminate all hunger and disease?

  24. 24

    Would u rather save a life or save your life.

  25. 25

    Would u rather slide down a 50 foot razor blade slide and land in a pool of alcohol or slide down a 50 foot blood soaked slide and land in a pool of sharks?

  26. 26

    Would u rather spoon out your eye and eat it or kill your pet and eat it?

  27. 27

    Would u rather go to McDonalds or Burger King?

  28. 28

    Would u rather love someone you can't have or have someone you don't love?

  29. 29

    Would u rather have a job with good pay or a job you love?

  30. 30

    Would u rather go on a blind date or go somewhere by yourself?

  31. 31

    Would u rather marry your current bf/gf or marry your ex gf/bf?

  32. 32

    Would u rather have a severe sunburn or frostbite?

  33. 33

    Would u rather pose for Playboy/Playgirl magazine and sell the most in years or star in a porn movie and win an oscar?

  34. 34

    Would u rather win a metal or a grammy?

  35. 35

    Would u rather be eaten by an alligator or be eaten by a bear?

  36. 36

    Would u rather eat a bar of soap or drink a bottle of shampoo?

  37. 37

    Would u rather be able to fly or live to be 200?

  38. 38

    Would u rather cut an acre of grass with your teeth or lick up a puddle of rain?

  39. 39

    Would u rather be killed by fire or by piranhas?

  40. 40

    Would u rather eat cow poop or a mouse head?

  41. 41

    Would u rather give up your favorite meal for a year or your favorite drink for a year?

  42. 42

    Would u rather look like the most gorgeous person on earth but have the mental capacity of a dog, or look like the ugliest person you've ever seen but have the mental capacity of Einstein?

  43. 43

    Would u rather live until your the perfect age and be gaurenteed a really happy life and die painfully or die right now, but die painlessly?

  44. 44

    Would u rather adopt Marylin Manson or Charles Manson's kids?

  45. 45

    Would you rather have someone agree with you and tell you what you want to hear,or have someone challenge you and your ideas?

  46. 46

    Would u rather be on a plane with no parachutes or a sinking ship with no lifejackets or life boats?

  47. 47

    Would u rather get only 4 hours of sleep per night for the rest of your life or be forced to spend 20 hours each day in bed and be able to do nothing?

  48. 48

    Would u rather have a horrible spouse you divorce or be single forever?

  49. 49

    Would u rather have head lice or crabs?

  50. 50

    Would you rather take all your future baths (no showers allowed) in EITHER clorox bleach OR amonia?

  51. 51

    You must die, says the state, by Corporal punishment. Would you prefer to die by EITHER the chair with the "juice" OR standing in front of a firing squad?

  52. 52

    Would u rather wake up alone or overcrowded?

  53. 53

    If your spouse was going to leave you for another person, would you rather them leave you for EITHER another lover of the opposite gender as you OR another lover of the same gender as you?

  54. 54

    Would you rather to be suspended 20 feet above the ground by ropes around your thumbs or big toes?

  55. 55

    Pick one EITHER have your nipples twisted to the point that circulation is cut off, or To have your tongue frozen to a poll and have someone detach it?

  56. 56

    Which would you rather face, EITHER your biggest fear OR your worst enemy?

  57. 57

    You have a nasty addiction ,you have pets that you love and adore Then, you meet the person of your dreams who don't like your pets Who do you choose, your dream-love or your habits 'n' pets?

  58. 58

    Which would you rather drive, a beat-up ugly lookin' car that runs like a dream, or a beautiful dream car that breaks down every other day?

  59. 59

    Would you rather eat a container of salt or a container of pepper? (both containers are the same size, and the entire contents must be consumed at one sitting)

  60. 60

    Would u rather have a huge, deadly Mexican Tarantula crawling around in your mouth or eating a heaping bowl of elephant dung?

  61. 61

    Would you rather to have your entire mouth numb for the rest of your life or to have one of your hands numb for the rest of your life?

  62. 62

    Would you rather be with someone who is extremely obese and obsessed with food, or a heavy smoker who smells and tastes like an ash tray?

  63. 63

    You have been sentenced to death . You will EITHER be forced to walk into shark infested waters, OR be released into a den of hungry lions. Which do you choose, great white or king of the jungle?

  64. 64

    What would you rather do - either drink nothing but dog urine for the rest of your life, or smell like dog urine for the rest of your life?

  65. 65

    Your speech pattern must be permanently altered due to a problem with your voice box. Would you rather spend the rest of your life talking like Austin Powers (yeah, Baby) or Scooby Doo (ruh roh)?

  66. 66

    You've been abducted by aliens with high demands. You must EITHER make love with all of them OR watch them kill a family member of your choice. Do you get your groove on or sacrifice a loved one?

  67. 67

    What would you rather do, EITHER have no more internet for life OR give blood regularly?

  68. 68

    What would you rather do, EITHER be cruel and unfair to everyone OR have your skin turn a bright shade of purple?

  69. 69

    What would you rather do, EITHER have no windows at all on your house OR all of the doors inside your house are made of cardboard?

  70. 70

    What would you rather do, EITHER get into a knife-throwing fight OR get into an axe fight?

  71. 71

    What would you rather do, EITHER get a peg leg OR constantly hear a high-pitched buzzing?

  72. 72

    What would rather do, EITHER have your right arm cut off OR have your mom die?

  73. 73

    What would you rather do, EITHER become an unmarked mime for life OR become permanently tattooed as a clown?

  74. 74

    You have a chance to receive a million dollars but would have a curse on someone you love, would you take the money and the curse or leave it and be broke?

  75. 75

    Would u rather walk in on your parents or have your parents walk in on you?

  76. 76

    Would u rather have a perpetually red face or bright red eyes?

  77. 77

    Would u rather have a constantly dripping nose or uncontrollable farting?

  78. 78

    Would u rather die of cancer or AIDS?

  79. 79

    Would u rather sneeze Marbles or fart confetti?

  80. 80

    A broke hottie or a rich ugly

  81. 81

    Would u rather make love all the time, but no orgasms or to get orgasms all the time, without making love?

  82. 82

    Would u rather go naked for a day or fall asleep for a year?

  83. 83

    Would u rather have a permanent stomachache or have a permanent headache?

  84. 84

    Would u rather have your best friend turn her/his back on you or u turn your back on your best friend?

  85. 85

    Would u rather have uncontrollable acne or to have constant cold sores all over your lips?

  86. 86

    Would u rather have your girlfriend never shave her armpits or her legs?

  87. 87

    Would u rather be a vampire or a demon?

  88. 88

    Would u rather eat your best friend or be eaten by your best friend?

  89. 89

    Would u rather live forever or die tomorrow?

  90. 90

    Would u rather die tomorrow as yourself or live 50 more years as someone your not?

  91. 91

    Would u rather die in a car crash or die in a drive by shooting?

  92. 92

    Would u rather die on the Titanic or die in 9/11?

  93. 93

    On 9/11 being in the plane or the building?

  94. 94

    Death by getting pushed off a cliff by your parents or getting pushed by your brother/sister?

  95. 95

    Would u rather understand all languages or to be able to read people's minds (but only in the languages you speak now)

  96. 96

    Would u rather be locked in a small room with a murderer or to be locked in a small room with a black mamba?

  97. 97

    Would u rather make love with a random person or somebody you really hate?

  98. 98

    Would u rather drink a Poo Smoothie or drink a Vomit Smoothie?

  99. 99

    Would u rather eat rotten cheese or eat rotten eggs?

  100. 100

    Would u rather put tooth picks under ur toenails and kick a brick wall as hard as u can or to rip out your own heart?

  101. 101

    Would u rather drink spit or drink sweat?

  102. 102

    Would u rather not take a shower for a whole year or not brush your teeth for a year?

  103. 103

    Would u rather know who you were going to marry or where and when you were going to meet them?

  104. 104

    Would u rather be able to have make love but not be allowed to kiss or be allowed to kiss, but not be allowed to make love?

  105. 105

    Would u rather be with someone sexy that treats you really bador be with someone not that sexy and be treated good?

  106. 106

    Would u rather have an overly possessive boyfriend or a boyfriend who doesnt care?

  107. 107

    Would u rather have a blind date to the prom or have no date to the prom?

  108. 108

    Would u rather be yourself and everyone hates you but you like being yourself orbe someone else and everyone likes you but you hate yourself?

  109. 109

    Would u rathermake love with your best friends crush or Have your best friend make love with your crush?

  110. 110

    Would u rather get pregnant by your dad or get pregnant by your brother?

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