political survey

by: double_trouble0907

who did you vote for? or who do you go for? what do you want to happen to the world? are to you happy about everything? or would you llike to change some of it? all this and more!

  1. 1

    John Kerry VS George W. Bush

  2. 2

    Barack Obama VS Hillary Clinton

  3. 3

    Global Warming VS the Government

  4. 4

    Paris Hilton VS the "light Hearted Officer"

  5. 5

    Another Person added to Jail VS doing community service for your actions

  6. 6

    Land VS Water

  7. 7

    Clinton's actions VS Obama's actions

  8. 8

    Seperation of Church and State VS no Seperation

  9. 9

    would you change the government VS would you change the Presidential legislative?

  10. 10

    White House VS United Nations (NYC)

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