what would u do 4 a million dollars???

by: HoNeYfLy39

say if u'd do what is says 4 a million dollars.

  1. 1

    eat 10 live slugs

  2. 2

    not speak for 1 year

  3. 3

    lick a live turanchula

  4. 4

    move in with the person u hate most

  5. 5

    hug a pissed off tiger

  6. 6

    only wear orange plaid pants for one year straight

  7. 7

    bungee jump off the biggest bridge in the world (whatever that is)

  8. 8

    only eat sugar and fat for half a year

  9. 9

    only listen to church music for 3 years

  10. 10

    only drink prune juice for the rest of ur life

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