sponhebob facts!!!!

by: BlacklightsAndQueens

here's some stuff i'll bet you didn't know about spongebob

  1. 1

    spongebob was originally going to be called spongeboy, but the name was already trademarked.

  2. 2

    squidward's middle name is johanssen

  3. 3

    according to his driving license, spongebob wieghs 1 ounce

  4. 4

    the name of plankton's restaurant is actually The Chum Bucket & chum bucket & chum bucket and the chum bucket

  5. 5

    sigourney weaver and lance bass from ‘N’Sync are huge spongebob fans. lance bass even has a couch made out of spongebob toys

  6. 6

    the pirate who sings the theme song's name is painty the pirate

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