I need to know SOON if HE LIKES ME!

by: glowinthedark

So theres this guy(Austin) who's younger than me who I like and might like me back. I need to know soon because he's going to summer camp TOMMORROW for two weeks. Please give honest answers, I need to know the truth.

  1. 1

    i invited austin to a party i might throw this summer and he suggestd playing spin-the-bottle

  2. 2

    I texted him asking if he likes older girls. here's how he replied, "i dig all girls! Even u got a cute little smile"

  3. 3

    he texts me on an almost daily basis and says things like "good morning" and "how ru?"

  4. 4

    austin compliments my bracelets and stuff

  5. 5

    I wanted to tell this other guy(eddie)that i realy liked him. austin was supportive2me about my plan. austin also helped me practice talking to eddie

  6. 6

    last night, i texted austin asking him if he was flirting with me with the texts he sent me. he almost always replies to the texts i send him, but he didnt reply to this one.

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