Does he love you?

by: peanutnconner2308

Do you wanna know if you and your boyfriend meant to be? Does he really love you? How long will it take you to know? Like a couple question and all your questions will be answered. Add me on myspace cassandra shea C@$$!3 luvs C@!N3 4 3VA

  1. 1

    How long have you been with him?

  2. 2

    Do you have a nickname he calls you?

  3. 3

    Does he respect that a certain time of month you need space?

  4. 4

    Does he cuddle with you in bed?

  5. 5

    Does he hug/kiss you in public?

  6. 6

    When he touches you do you feel like your not in your body?

  7. 7

    Do you want him to kiss you?

  8. 8

    Do you love him mor than the world?

  9. 9

    How often do you think about other boys?

  10. 10

    When he is away do you miss him (like if he goes to Gorham)

  11. 11

    Do you see you and him together in years?

  12. 12

    Do you and him argue alot?

  13. 13

    Is it your fault when you guys argue?

  14. 14

    When you fight who appologizes first?

  15. 15

    How long do you guys stay mad at each other?

  16. 16

    Do you ever think he is cheating?

  17. 17

    Do you call him all the time?

  18. 18

    Do you cry at night because you miss him?

  19. 19

    Do you love him?

  20. 20

    Do you THINK he loves you?

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