Vampire statements: Agree of Disagree

by: DragonFang7
  1. 1

    Bram Stroker did NOT start vampirism

  2. 2

    Vampires only feed on blood

  3. 3

    The word "Vampire" is overused

  4. 4

    Vampire are mythical, not real

  5. 5

    Vampires are here since the Egyptian times

  6. 6

    People who think that they are a vampire are nuts

  7. 7

    Werewolves are better then vampires

  8. 8

    Vampirism is reversable

  9. 9

    Vampires will die without the human existance

  10. 10

    Nobody would survive a wooden stake in the heart; not only vampires die of it

  11. 11

    Most vampires are unnoticable between the crowd

  12. 12

    People that say that they know vampires in real tell the truth

  13. 13

    Vampires are brutal

  14. 14

    Vampires are creepy

  15. 15

    Vampires are cool because they are so mysterious

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