Music This or That

by: maripooh6

which music do u llike if u dont know 1 or more of the songs go on youtube and listen to it

  1. 1

    crank dat soulja boy or crank dat homeless man

  2. 2

    crank dat batman or crank dat spiderman

  3. 3

    good life or same girl

  4. 4

    Kiss kiss or wall to wall

  5. 5

    buy u a drank or im so hood

  6. 6

    Yahhhhh!!!!! or Just got my report card

  7. 7

    no one or bartender

  8. 8

    hypnotyzed or shawty

  9. 9

    cinderella or umbrella

  10. 10

    this chrismas or say goodbye

  11. 11

    how do i breathe or soulja girl

  12. 12

    pop bottles or dont matter

  13. 13

    should i make another certain thing this or that

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