Does my crush like me??? Please take this i'm going insane!!

by: RawrfckinRawr

I really like this guy but he is a year older than me.......please leave comments~!~~

  1. 1

    all my freinds think he likes me... even my freinds in his class

  2. 2

    He was riding his bike with his friend, in town and I was on the other side of the road, he saw me waved crossed the road said hi crossed back and went back 2 his freind

  3. 3

    he always talks 2 me on msn even tho he dosnt talk 2 any1 in my class

  4. 4

    he goes out of his way to talk 2 me

  5. 5

    I asked him if he wanted to go to a movie with me and a bunch of freinds and he said yes then i said i might not go and he said ya me eiother

  6. 6

    we were jumping rope and he kept asking me 2 jump with him then one time weni was jumping with him he looked into my eyes then the ground then said u wanna just stay in here the whole time??

  7. 7

    I was sitting all alone by this thing by the door, he saw me drug his freidns over sat beside me and we all talked 2gether

  8. 8

    Me and my freidn were ahving a fught and i was sad he came over and joke around till i laughed

  9. 9

    with a group of my freinds he yell my name and ran into my group and told me about how he was going 2 cut his hair and then a whole convo and wen my bff said sumthing he was surpized

  10. 10

    He starts the convo most times

  11. 11

    When peps ask him wats hes doing he says hanging with my best buddy and grabs my arm even if i'm a person away..

  12. 12

    he sometimes goes "hey" in a fonny flirty voice

  13. 13

    he does random things and calls my name 2 get my attiention

  14. 14

    we made a bet on msn and the next day he found me just 2 tell me about it

  15. 15

    he smiles wen i'm around

  16. 16

    he treats my like afreind sometimes

  17. 17

    Do you think he likes me???

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