WhAt wOuLd yOu dO;;

by: danigurl225

have yOu ever been cheated On;;
even if yOu haven't hOw wOuld yOu react;;
take my quiz and find Out what kind Of persOn yOu are

  1. 1

    if yOu walk in On yOur ghurl/bOyfriend kissing sOme One else;; What wOukd yOu dO;;

  2. 2

    it is valentines day and yOu get yOur man(ghurl) a rolex watch (Or dimond earrings) and they get yOu a fart in a can;; what wOuld yOu dO;;

  3. 3

    hOw wOuld yOu end the relatiOnship;;

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