ATTACK OF THE BUNNYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: BrunetteGurl174

I thought I would make a quiz about bunnys since on my last quiz(will bunnys take over the world?) Alot of you said you wanted me to make more quizzes about bunnys.
And if alot of poeple like this quiz I'm thinking about making it into a series so

  1. 1

    Your walking down the street and you see a bunny, What do you do?

  2. 2

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BUNNY IS ATTACKING!!!!!!!!! What are you going to do?

  3. 3

    PHEW!!!!!!!!! You managed to escape the bunny, BUT it looks like he'll be back in 10minutes, What's your plan of action?

  4. 4

    OH NO!!!!!!!!! You see two pointy ears sticking up by your window(he's back) What do you do?

  5. 5

    Good job you got the bunny but you didn't get the right one. =(

  6. 6

    You actually destroyed your moms lawn ornamnet and.....Uh oh!!! Here she comes, and she looks MAD!!!

  7. 7

    Sorry about that!!! Maybe you'll have some more time to plan your revenge when your grounded for two weeks.

  8. 8

    Did you like this quiz? Do you want me to continue the series?

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