Life and Death

Treasure your life if you have it good, not everyone lives that way.

Chapter 1

Life or Death

by: Lawli_pop
Pointless days of living life, but only just to die
Walking through the endless triles and asking yourself why
Why do bad things happen? Why is life so rough?
Why can't I just get out of this? Have I not been through enough?

Life is like a hungry beast behind your closet door
Smiling darkly at the feast of your dead body's gore
Chains of iron binding you to things that can't be undone
You hide from people finding you and seeing what you have become

What's the point of having friends if they all just betray you?
"I'm with you 'till the end", they say, but in the end it's them who'll slay you
Why depend on family if they were never there?
They act like they love you more than life but they don't really care

You try to help people in need, give the begger a home
But they repay you by smoking weed with the money they got from your phone
People lie and people cheat in everything they do
Why is it they all have great lives while the hurting one is you?

Walking through an alleyway, you'll end up getting mugged
Go to a midnight party and you'll end up getting drugged
Tell a girl you really can't, you're not that type of guy
She slips a pill into your drink and you're suddenly on a high

Even at home you trust no one, you've learned from past mistakes
That if you let your guard fall down they'll poison you like snakes
No one gives a damn about you, you'll never see the light
At least that's what they tell you, and you think maybe they're right

Life gives you pain and rips your heart untill there's nothing there
The hurt you feel marks your wrists but it isn't like you care
Anything is better than the pain you feel inside
Who cares if people see the scars, there's no reason to hide

Death is a welcoming door of freedom that smiles at you from afar
Life will beat you to a pulp with nothing to give you but scars
Death or life, which one sounds better? Make a second thought
Take it from someone barely beginning, who's been through a hell of a lot.


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