Story Snippets

Story Snippets

This story, titled 'Story Snippets', will feature story pieces, blerbs, or ideas that you can view to help determine if you want to read a certain story and/or if you want an idea to go forward.
Comments, feedback and idea pitches are welcome!

Hope you enjoy!

Look forward to writing! :)

Chapter 2

Shadows of Evil

by: Cozy_Glow
The creature looked down upon the humans, scarlet robes billowing gently around it, eerie and ghostly. It's gaze turned to the golden orb suspended in its' hand, before looking back at the humans. Extending its' hand to them, the Seeker offered the golden treasure for their keeping. Before anyone of the four could take it, another hand reached up and plucked it from the creatures hand, nimble fingers closing over the object.
The Seeker snapped its' head in shock to stare at the man who had so brazenly snatched the treasure away, making note of the slicked-back black hair and sharp face. The eyes of the man were green and full of wisdom and something else it did not recognise. The face of the man was apologetic, and no could moved to stop him as he stepped backwards towards an open portal.

"I'm sorry, but I need this" the man apologised.

Without further ado, he turned and leapt through the portal, leaving everyone to stare in stunned silence.

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