The Book of Randomness: Tales of the Divine Slayer

Nine years ago Eza Dreemurr(mai creation!) discovered it was her job to save the Multiverse from destruction. Defeating the Divine of AUs on Tenrou Island, she threw the balance of the Multiverse off. After that whole thing happened a dragon named Acnologia(lol Fairy Tail) attacked Tenrou. The island then sunk underwater for a seven year time period. The island rose again, and many things have changed. Now, our brave young hero is taking a peaceful walk through a city called Magnolia.....

Chapter 1

Chapter I - A Dream From a Stone

[Eza p.o.v]

It was a sunny yet cold day. I had gotten bored back at the guild hall, so I decided to take a walk. I had then reached the countryside. I saw a tree on top of a hill with what looked like a large boulder by it. I walked up there to examine the scene. The boulder I had seen was in the shape of a man who looked about 17. Acting without thinking, I hit the boulder with a stick. At that moment, it went tumbling down the hill, somehow screaming. I ran after it.
"Mother of Irene..." I started. The stone was turning into a person.
"Uh, who are you, and where are we?" he asked me, then looked at the tree.
"WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY TREE???!!!" he screamed at me, shoving a staff in my face.
"Woah, calm down Sugarpea. I have no flipping idea what happened!" I said as I pushed the staff away.
"Then why did you hit me? he questioned angrily.
"Cuz there was a crazy amount of Majiyck related power radiating off you when you were in the stone." I said back.
"Well, my name is Dream! The Divine of Dreams, Positivity, and just good emotions in general!" Dream said cheerily.
It was my turn to shove something in his face. "Do you work for Destiny!?" I shoved a knife in his face.
"Wait a sec! I don't work f--" Dream started.
"The shadows are tainted," we said in unison.
That's when I saw it. He came out of the shadows. Taller than me, completely black(literally, the color of the font!), huge tentacles shooting from his back, his whole body dripping a black liquid. This man in front of Dream and I was a pure nightmare.

[Dream p.o.v]

"B-Brother?!" I stuttered. The girl next to me looked terrified, summoning a knife into her hand.
"Why hello Dream! Who is this?" he said, gesturing towards her.
"Why in the name of Irene is a Nightmare like you in the Overworld?!" she yelled at him.
"Grr... How dare you insult me! I'll have you know I am the king of the Dark Kingdom, and the Divine of Nightmares, negativity, and absolute pure evil!" my brother screamed at the girl.
"Nightmare! You know you are banished from Fiore! Leave now, and never return!" I ordered him.
"I don't take orders from the likes of you," he growled. Using telekinesis, he took my soul, lifting me high in the air, and slamming me down into the dirt.
"Mwahahahaha! Now that you've returned, all I have to do is turn you to stone again! Or better yet, BRUTALLY MURDER YOU." Nightmare said, putting one foot on my head and pushing down. I felt my skull begin to crack.
"Hey Error, Cross! I don't want any witnesses here! Kill the girl, I've got Dream!"
Two other men about my brother's age walked out of the shadows.
"BOSS! YOU REALLY WANT US TO FIGHT HER?!" Error yelled at Nightmare.
"Why are you asking me that!? Are you scared, or are you going to kill her!?"
"Boss, my butt still hurts from the last time we fought her," Cross whined.
"Wait a minute," He stepped off my head. "You've met before?" Nightmare said confused.
"Why yes we have! My name is Eza Dreemurr! Chara of Darkertale, Light Spirit! And most important, DIVINE SLAYER."

Hope the small amount of peoplez who has read this like it.
Next chapter coming soon! ^^
BTW, Eza and Dream are not to be shipped!
There might be some rrrromantic stuffz in da future doh. ^^


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