Marvelous Adventures (A Marvel Side Story)

We know the Avengers and SHIELD, but what of the guys in the back?
Wanda and Hailee work in the back- shy, young ladies with extraordinary powers. When the time comes for them to let loose, will they be able to stand up and fight back?

Chapter 1

Hailee Blue

I knew nothing would ever be the same.
When the aliens came from the wormhole in the sky; When a piece of the Sokovian city fell out of the sky; When the Avengers were let loose upon the world; When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and was reborn from those ashes in secret; When Fury and Coulson died and return; When 'Inhumans' began to appear...
I knew.
I had been a normal human once, just Hailee Blue of the S.H.I.E.L.D. office, filing and writing, before I took my daily Fish Oil tablet and felt myself change. It sounds silly to say this, but my body was tingling and then being encased in stone-like stuff. I was terrified I would die, but once it fell off me, I was fine.
I went to work, fine. I did my work, fine. But as soon as I touched someone, I noticed them change from energetic to, well, floppy.
After a brief touch, they would sag, like a mass of energy had just drained out of them. It was unexplainable and it was worrying. I tried to speak with doctors and councillors, but all said the same thing:

"You're under stress!"

I thought that it had too be true, but it got worse. While sitting and typing, I waved my hand and opened a portal to a beach. I was so scared of what I was doing, I saw the Director, Coulson. Lucky for me, he knew what was happening to me:
I was an InHuman, someone gifted with ancestral powers. I could sap energy from anything and cerate portals. To think that me, Hailee Blue, could be a Supergirl, and I wasn't alone!


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