Friends Can Break Your Heart Too

Chapter 1


by: Lawli_pop
I stared at the ground, anger and hurt rushing through me. I tightly clenched my fists, a tear falling down my face.

Do it again. This was all your fault.

My gaze drifted to the razor blade on my desk.

You deserve this. You only ever make things worse; You'll never be able to fix what you've done.

My hand reached out and picked up the blade, holding it in front of me an staring into a faded reflection. I looked down at my arm as I rolled back the sleeve, placing the cold blade to my skin.

You'll never see them again. And it's all your fault.


Life means nothing, you never mattered anyways.


No one has ever loved you, and no one ever will.


It's all. Your. Fault.

I couldn't take it anymore.
I had sworn off hurting myself, but this was too much.


"I love you."

Three simple words. Powerful words that can tear you apart if you believe them.
Something I never knew until it was too late. Friends can break your heart too.

It had just been a regular night at my friend Andrew's house. I and another friend, Harry, had been invited over. Harry was too busy and couldn't make it.

Andrew seemed to be in a better mood than usual. We talked for a while, but he never really told me why.

Let me share some backstory before I go any further.

Andrew and I had been best friends for years. Harry was also a close friend, but Andrew meant the world to me. He was the only one I could talk to when I was upset, the only one who could really understand me. Not to mention he was tons of fun to be around. Andrew was the first one to notice if something was bothering me. He was always there for me. But I soon came to realize that I loved him more than I had originally thought. I was falling for my best friend.
Before my discovery I had met one of Andrew's best friends, Harry. Before we knew it, Harry and I were almost as close as I was with Andrew.

I was nervous as hell. Why? I had a crush on my best friend and I was gonna tell him. Yes. No. Maybe..... Yeah- NO WAY. ....Fine. Much debate about this had gone on mentally, and I finally decided that I would.

"I love you."

Those three simple words. The words that broke and changed my life forever. I wrote them down. Andrew had asked if something was bothering me, and I lied at first.

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"No you're not, Eric. Don't gimme that BS." Andrew replied. "I know something's wrong. Tell me."

I reluctantly handed him the note, looking away and expecting the worst.

What I received had been the exact opposite of what I had thought. I opened my eyes in surprise after a minute to find Two warm arms pulling me into a loving embrace. I felt my face heat up and glow red.

"Eric.... I love you too."

"Y-You do....?" I stuttered.

"But............ I'm...... already taken."

"............Who is it?"

"Ummm....." Andrew sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

"It's..... Harry, isn't it?" I asked, looking away again.

I couldn't have been more correct.

Andrew still liked me though, and would comment often that I looked hot or would bring me into his lap and hold me there, calling me his.
I thought I had a chance. Just maybe.
He said he loved me and holding me the way he did, I believed him. My best friend... Loved me back.



I hadn't seen Andrew in months.

His parents had found out about Andrew and Harry's relationship and immediately cut it off.
My name was mentioned, and though my friendship with Andrew was not completely severed, I was still grounded from various things and not able to go to Andrew's house as often anymore.
I still haven't seen him since.

I winced as the blade cut deeper into my wrist.

It was my fault that Harry and Andrew would never see each other again. My fault that I ruined everything and couldn't visit him for who knows how long.

All. Your. Fault.


Black dots began to dance in my vision and things began looking very blurry. Then I whimpered in pain as I fell to the floor, razor blade falling to my side, hand hitting the ground last an spilling crimson blood onto the floor, staining the carpet a permanent red.
Everything went black just as the bedroom door opened.


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