The flames of hell

The flames of hell

Zafrina has fire power and she is afraid that her son might have it as well. Then her worst nightmare becomes reality her son can control fire now she is stuck having to use and teach her precious little boy the very thing she has been running form since she was a little girl at the age of 8. When the one person she wants the least to show up does, she is stuck between the decision of true power, lust and safety with her son and the very Devil himself in Hell for all eternity. Or to be stripped

Chapter 1

The Fire

Zafrina was running towards the one thing she feared most, fire. Her house was on fire, the only thing she cared about was her little boy, and she had to get him out of there. She could her his screams get louder and more panicked. She pushed herself to go faster. She pushes through the last of the trees. Her little boy, the most precious thing in her life was on fire. Panicking, she ran into the burning house screaming his name. "Ludacris, Ludacris, Honey, stay calm, okay, stay calm, Mommy's coming, Baby I promise." Zafrina paused trying to think on what to do now that she was in the house. She couldn't just bust down the door, not when it appeared that was the only thing still holding up the ceiling. Yet she sensed that her son was behind it. Her fear escalating more quickly now that her son was now no longer screaming. He could be dead, Shut up Zafrina of course he's alive. She thought to herself. She didn't want to do it, she knew she had to. She had feared this day would come. "I can't I made a vow to God, He will forgive me i need to save my child." Zafrina argued with herself, she then heard a whimper, that decided it she was going to use her power. The very thing, she has spent two -thirds of her life running from. The Fire, it came up suddenly, rushing through her veins causing quick sharp burst of pins and needles, throughout her body. As Zafrina called it to herself the pain intensified. She slowly drew the fire inside herself. As the flames disappeared, her son’s whimpers grew louder. When she got to the door she hesitated on what to do. As the ceiling began to collapse she just broke through the door, to grab her son, and dart out of the building before the roof collapsed completely.
“Baby are you all right?”


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