The World is Crashing Down!

The World is Crashing Down!

A story of friends, Alissa and Taylor, as they head from Year 11 to Year 12 with all the junk of High School on their backs.
Will it break them or make them?

Chapter 1

Her Mind is Over Matter

by: Cozy_Glow
The day was hot, 30+ degrees Celsius to be accurate, and the school was suffering. Teachers drooped in stance as they taught, voices wavering and sweat dripping. Students dozed at their tables, barely listening as they prayed for the bells to go.
One student who seemed unaffected by the heat was Alissa Evans, perfect student and pride of the school. She seemed to know her priorities from school work to what minute she would do something in. It was all rather ridiculous in her family and friends eyes, but she was determined to be the 'Best' and nothing short.

"...What is the answer?" Mrs. Smith asked, lazily looking over her class. Alissas' hand shot up. "Yes?"
"56, ma'am" Alissa said, smiling sweetly.
"Yep, that's it."

Alissa felt pride settle over her and she sat straighter in her chair, looking comfortable, even though the plastic chair was sticky from the heat. Her friend, Taylor, looked at her with wonder. Sitting his head on his arms was hard enough to get comfortable with, but Alissa made it all look easy. 'Mind over Matter'. It was impossible for him, his Will was weak from melting heat.

"You're just unnatural, Ali" he whispered to her.
"It's not that bad" she whispered back, smiling. "It's like every other year!"

before Taylor could speak, the bell rang for recess, getting sighs of release from all. The students bolted from the room, teachers yelling orders as they left. Alissa and Taylor walked casually down the hallway to the next block to attend English, thankful of the cooler room.
Taylor and Alissa had walked these corridors and pathways for 5 years now, the 6th about to begin when they officially became Year 12 students, the seniors of the school. The pair had been together since the 5th grade in Primary school and had stayed friends the whole time. this got Taylor to thinking of something he had never thought of before: Alissa.
She made his heart beat faster. She made music and movies heaps more enjoyable. She liked his cooking. Her laughter was melodious... The list was endless, but could it be 'love'?
Taylor smacked his head. Don't be stupid, he told himself. She's your friend, not your girlfriend! Alissa looked at him from the corners of her eyes, wondering on his behaviour, but passing it for heat related issues. She smiled.


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